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Atlantic Green

Powering a new future through Energy Storage

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Atlantic Green UK Limited,

Thames Tower, Reading RG1 1LX

United Kingdom

Who We Are

Atlantic Green is joint venture between two entrepreneurial shareholders, Interland and Nofar Energy. Atlantic Green focuses on investing, developing and operating grid-scale battery energy storage projects in the United Kingdom.

Nofar Energy (TASE:NOFR) is a global Independent Power Producer and developer of renewable energy assets, specialising in solar and battery energy storage. Nofar Energy has an operating and under construction portfolio of c. 1.1GW of solar and energy storage assets across Israel, Spain, Italy, UK, US, Romania and Poland.

Interland is a private investment group based in London, UK. The group invests in, develops and operates real estate and renewable energy assets in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium.

What We Do

Atlantic Green is currently developing a pipeline of Battery Energy Storage with a total capacity of c. 500 MW. We aim to become a leading player in the UK BESS market, with c. 1.5 GW of energised assets in the next 5 years.

Battery energy storage assets can stabilise grid fluctuations and reduce electricity price volatility, enabling the long-term transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

A continuous development of battery energy storage is a vital step in the UK's journey to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, increasing the country's power autonomy and energy security.

Projects in Our Pipeline

Project Cellarhead

Estimated Energisation date: Q2 2026

Grid Connection: 300MW

Energy Capacity: >600 MWh

Connection: Transmission

Project Buxton

Estimated Energisation date: Q1 2024

Grid Connection : 30MW

Energy Capacity: 60 MWh

Connection: Distribution

Project T

Energisation date: Q4 2028

Grid Connection: 130MW

Energy Capacity: >270 MWh

Connection: Distribution

Meet the Team

Nick Bradford

Managing Director

Chris Stallwood

Lead Engineer

Billy Pople

Development Manager

Claire Waller

Executive Assistant

Patrick Dunn

Investment Associate

Sam Currie

Project Manager

Matt Sloper

Delivery Director

Oniel Chambers

Financial Controller

James Pyne

Project Manager

Rob Kesterton

Investment Director

Our Vision

Significantly reducing energy curtailment and electricity price volatility in support of UK businesses and households.

Support the

Supporting infrastructure

that enables job creation and further investment into a renewable generation.


Investing in infrastructure that decreases carbon dioxide emissions and accelerates the transition to a low carbon economy.

Reduce Carbon

Contributing to increased autonomy over the UK supplied and stored power, improving the UK’s energy security.

Increase Energy

Board of Directors

Nadav Tene

Board Director

Noam Fisher

Board Director

Ofer Oberlander

Board Director

Ben Edgar

Board Director

Oleg Vorobeichik

Board Director

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